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Food Intolerance Testing

Could what you are eating be making you ill?

Upset Stomach

What is a Food Intolerance?

Are you trying to eat healthily but still not feeling right? Food intolerances / sensitivities are far more common than food allergies. Intolerances manifest through an array of symptoms - some are obviously relating to the gut, such as:

IBS, Bloating, Nausea / vomiting, Diarrhoea or constipation, Heartburn / reflux


There are also less obvious links to things such as:

Skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, rashes; Glue ear & tonsilitis in children; Headaches, migraine, high blood pressure; PMT and thrush; Sinusitis; Tiredness; Thyroid issues; Anxiety, mood swings & depression; Muscle & joint pain


Your GP can test for 'allergy', for example Coeliac Disease, using blood tests, but food intolerances and sensitivities are less straightforward to diagnose.

Food Intolerance Consultation

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a non-invasive method of testing a wide range of foodstuffs which your body may be finding difficult to tolerate at any given time. A food intolerance / sensitivity (distinct from allergy) consultation will include a detailed discussion about your symptoms, general health, diet and lifestyle. Muscle testing for the intolerances and advice regarding any required adjustments to diet and lifestyle will be provided.

Andrea also works in association with h2 HYPNOTHERAPY of Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, which can offer professional hypnotherapy services to clients requesting additional help with such issues as weight control, quitting smoking, etc. Please enquire for further details.

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